Boom Truck Crane in Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi – UAE

In UAE, the population and density of Boom Truck or Crane are higher and the number of capable electricians who can troubleshoot a problem is lesser in Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.  In construction and other industries, crane handles a major role in transporting and lifting loads.  As most of us are aware, these cranes have difficult-to-understand the electrical and electronic system that controls it.  An electrician who can repair or maintain it needs superior skills.  Only professional people can handle such a tricky yet skillful job.

At Citycraft Technical Service, we understand the importance of a knowledgeable electrician.  The upkeeping of boom trucks or cranes improves productivity while ensuring safety- we understand that too.  We are at your construction or industrial site for such a difficult job – just a call away.

Boom Truck Crane

We undertake machine jobs such as:

Electrical installation and wiring – An important task of any crane that is under maintenance or repair is its electrical system installation and complex wiring.  It connects with the controls and motors of the crane.  We do the job accurately and in a specified time with quality parts and cables.

Preventive Maintenance Job – Accidents and break-downs of cranes are major setbacks for any productive function.  Let it be a construction site or production facility.  These contribute to a possible financial loss for the crane operating firm along with a negative reputation.  We carry out periodical maintenance jobs under a contract with the client.

Boom Truck Crane

Trouble Shooting and Repair – Rectification of a crane is comparatively easier than finding the fault.  An eligible electrician only can find the fault faster when saving a minute is important at the site.  So diagnosing a fault is very important and our electricians are capable to do the job perfectly.  Moreover, they are having state of the art tools that help them find the exact fault and its gravity.

Safety Inspection – Keeping the crane safe is important and our electricians are trained to keep the surroundings of a crane safe along with it.  We make sure that the electric and electronic systems of the machine are matching with the industry standards and regulations.

Modernization or Upgradation – As and when required, every machine and production unit requires to upgrade the facilities to match with modern requirements.  We suggest our clients with all such requirements with an explanation of its requirement, benefits, and savings for the client.

Boom Truck Crane UAE

Teams up with other Technicians – We have a group of mechanical and electrical technicians and engineers.  The joint task-solving procedures are implemented in situations where just one is not enough.  This helps our customers with appropriate solutions to a problem.

If you feel like, you are looking for a technician with the qualities mentioned above, look no further.  Contact Citycraft Technical Services LLC immediately for a solution.  We are more than happy to serve you. 

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